Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess What???!!! It is Possible.

I had to take a week.
I needed to clean and clip stuff (like hedge and tree kind of stuff) 
and look at my garden, or lack of garden, 
do errands
 that I have not done
for hmm... 
like a month or two?

The really good news, the news that brings me joy....
deep down to my toes joy,
is that I miss clay.
I miss being in my studio.
I am excited about getting back 
into the studio.
I am excited about possibility.

Possibility is what we all dream about,
what we live for
what makes us jump out of bed in the morning.

I am so into possibility.
Thank you

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fresh from the oven.... Mmmmm

I understand that I am in the beginning of a love affair and that all this energy and
excitement cannot maintain this height for long,
while I am in this renewed sense of creativity,
I am taking it by its harness and flying.

I also signed up for a marathon. Well,
not really.
But I did apply to a craft show in Asheville. A pretty popular local venue for
I was excited but not too hopeful... because rejection is one of those consistent
realms in the art world that can bring you down, way down, 

like that nasty scale in the morning... telling you lies about your worth.

So, I was pleasantly, with a dash of giddy, surprised to find that I got in.
It is the Big Crafty. July 8th. Downtown Asheville.

So it is my clay marathon. I am training, and practicing and experimenting with what
will work, what I love, and what other people comment on with excitement.

Here are some of the pots fresh from the oven:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Earthenware love...

So I have fallen for Earthenware.
I kind of knew I would.

I love Ron Meyers work a lot... 
He is an earthenware king and inspires me with his free flowing forms and
his incredible painted surfaces.

So I am off and running... working, creating a body of work that:

~I feel proud of
~that brings joy to others
~and that I will continue to grow with as it changes

I finally feel that it is, finally, and at the right time,  

All coming together

Here are the most recent works fresh out of the Kiln:

set of 4 mugs.. medium size

Set of four mugs, painted on two sides...

front and back sides painted... one side

the other side ;o)

one side

the other side

one side

the other side

the this is the front and the photo below is the reverse...

series of 8 bug mugs each with a green and red bug on them...









small altered mugs.. set of 6

mama and baby series

simple series

more bird plates

smaller slab built plates..

max's monster series plates....

the smallest of the plates....