Friday, August 30, 2013


It is interesting how there is a complete shift in thinking and doing when school begins again. 
I find myself becoming more focused and yet,
a little lost at the same time.
As I continue to try to grow this business I still find the anxiety and doubt 
creep in. The difference now is that
I love this. It forces me through the feelings and into 
the Doing.
And Doing is what life is all about.

So here are some recent works. Some are special orders and some are just special. 
One thing I love about clay and leaving myself open to 
what it can be and do, is that I can 
make special things for people. 
For people who are in the thick of life, 
and just want to Do things.

This is a special order for a Family member... I really enjoyed this process... and the results. ;)

New simple design I am enjoying. I am loving working with colors like Joseph Albers. 

I dig her boots.

Max's Monsters, alive and well.

tumblers/wine cups... 

starting to add the chicks... they are fun and funny.

testing baking dishes with great results!

new line... I am going to call my bread and butter line...

still loving the new rat series and hoping to spend some more drawing time... researching and coming up with new story lines for the pots...

One of my personal favorites.

For Gywn... whom I really only know through facebook, but
has taught me to take each day and celebrate what life has given me.

As my seasonal mood change sets in, I look forward to some of the introspective
parts of the season. It is a strange juxtaposition of creativity, excitement, loneliness,
fear, passion, drive and wonder.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I have been up to this year... working on a line of work and a business....

I am moving forward... one order and gallery at a time.
It has been very exciting.
I hope to have a website up and running in a month!

Thanks to all of you who inspired me to go for it.
I am far from making a "living" doing this,
but I feel very alive and that is everything.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

chickens come alive...

Friends can influence us. 
Their passions can rub off on you or inspire you.
I have a friend who loves chickens.
I have been thinking about doing this
for a year or so but 
it took deciding to make it come true.

These pots remind me of adventures,
of children's stories (which I love)
and of living big.

These are the adventures of

I am so excited to create more forms
more clay canvases for these stories.

Happy Birthday Kate Fisher. 
Thanks for continuing to inspire me
in my work.