Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes a hard summer makes for a productive fall....

I won't go into many details except to say
for many reasons
I did not have a productive summer in the studio.
School has begun again
and so have I.

Here are a few fresh things 
and a few in the works.

little mugs..

 leaf pattern mugs... medium to large size.

 little bird mugs..

medium sized pitchers

a series I am working on... plate set..

 medium sized pitcher.

 medium to large, altered square mugs..

larger bird mug.

 larger leaf mug.


monster bowl with raised foot

the blue  enso circle bowls...
playing with black on red... I like it.

 part of the set.

small breakfast plates..

more monster mugs..

bowls with tall raised added foot.

The kiln is loaded again and a bisque is under way.
I have a few shows this fall and am hoping to get into a few more for December.

Clay and I missed each other. 
It has been a wonderful reunion.