Sunday, October 14, 2012

My blog seems to get neglected periodically. 
I am out of practice posting regularly. 
My computer died and now I am sharing one with the
family and it is not in a private location.
This leads me to think before I type.

Clay and I are still in a wonderful 
We are figuring out new things and
rediscovering old techniques and styles.
It has been an engaging journey 
and one I do not take for granted, or 
take lightly.
I know what a pure gift it is for me
to be able to explore making pots for money
and not being thrown into a full time job situation.
I am blessed.
These pots were pulled out of the kiln this morning.

This series are altered square planters or utensil holders...
they have holes in the bottom for drainage.

set of 5 mugs

lidded bowl

altered lidded bowls... squarish

raised bowls... 

altered lidded jars

(shape learned and inspired by Michael Simon)

(mama bird, max's monsters, and altered small series)

I am working toward an etsy site and a concrete line
that is consistent and predictable but continue to love
the exploration and discovery that clay allows.

I am, ironically, participating in the Tough Mudder,
(no this is not a clay event but a crazy 12 mile obstacle course) and in the process got a tad big blister. The day or two it will take to heal will allow me to 
work on photos and etsy and hand building!) 

Fall is delicious. Hope you are finding it delicious too.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sometimes a hard summer makes for a productive fall....

I won't go into many details except to say
for many reasons
I did not have a productive summer in the studio.
School has begun again
and so have I.

Here are a few fresh things 
and a few in the works.

little mugs..

 leaf pattern mugs... medium to large size.

 little bird mugs..

medium sized pitchers

a series I am working on... plate set..

 medium sized pitcher.

 medium to large, altered square mugs..

larger bird mug.

 larger leaf mug.


monster bowl with raised foot

the blue  enso circle bowls...
playing with black on red... I like it.

 part of the set.

small breakfast plates..

more monster mugs..

bowls with tall raised added foot.

The kiln is loaded again and a bisque is under way.
I have a few shows this fall and am hoping to get into a few more for December.

Clay and I missed each other. 
It has been a wonderful reunion. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Missing my studio and my studio is missing me

Summer is frenetic. 
It is full.
Swim team.
Break up fights.
Taking to and fro, 
to and from,
here and there 
and everywhere.

I have not been in the studio working for three weeks.

Went to NYC (was awesome),
and have been working the others.
And have been parenting and failing at parenting.
And thinking about pots and what I want to do 
and the direction the pots might go.
I love that clay has a say in it all.
I have the idea and clay has the final say.

Just like my kids.

That should be a lesson. 

Did you hear that self?


Friday, May 25, 2012

Guess What???!!! It is Possible.

I had to take a week.
I needed to clean and clip stuff (like hedge and tree kind of stuff) 
and look at my garden, or lack of garden, 
do errands
 that I have not done
for hmm... 
like a month or two?

The really good news, the news that brings me joy....
deep down to my toes joy,
is that I miss clay.
I miss being in my studio.
I am excited about getting back 
into the studio.
I am excited about possibility.

Possibility is what we all dream about,
what we live for
what makes us jump out of bed in the morning.

I am so into possibility.
Thank you

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

fresh from the oven.... Mmmmm

I understand that I am in the beginning of a love affair and that all this energy and
excitement cannot maintain this height for long,
while I am in this renewed sense of creativity,
I am taking it by its harness and flying.

I also signed up for a marathon. Well,
not really.
But I did apply to a craft show in Asheville. A pretty popular local venue for
I was excited but not too hopeful... because rejection is one of those consistent
realms in the art world that can bring you down, way down, 

like that nasty scale in the morning... telling you lies about your worth.

So, I was pleasantly, with a dash of giddy, surprised to find that I got in.
It is the Big Crafty. July 8th. Downtown Asheville.

So it is my clay marathon. I am training, and practicing and experimenting with what
will work, what I love, and what other people comment on with excitement.

Here are some of the pots fresh from the oven: