Sunday, October 14, 2012

My blog seems to get neglected periodically. 
I am out of practice posting regularly. 
My computer died and now I am sharing one with the
family and it is not in a private location.
This leads me to think before I type.

Clay and I are still in a wonderful 
We are figuring out new things and
rediscovering old techniques and styles.
It has been an engaging journey 
and one I do not take for granted, or 
take lightly.
I know what a pure gift it is for me
to be able to explore making pots for money
and not being thrown into a full time job situation.
I am blessed.
These pots were pulled out of the kiln this morning.

This series are altered square planters or utensil holders...
they have holes in the bottom for drainage.

set of 5 mugs

lidded bowl

altered lidded bowls... squarish

raised bowls... 

altered lidded jars

(shape learned and inspired by Michael Simon)

(mama bird, max's monsters, and altered small series)

I am working toward an etsy site and a concrete line
that is consistent and predictable but continue to love
the exploration and discovery that clay allows.

I am, ironically, participating in the Tough Mudder,
(no this is not a clay event but a crazy 12 mile obstacle course) and in the process got a tad big blister. The day or two it will take to heal will allow me to 
work on photos and etsy and hand building!) 

Fall is delicious. Hope you are finding it delicious too.